Thursday, 26 November 2009

Reward Cards!

Hi there! I would just like to give you some information on our various discount, reward and saving card's. These cards are extremley useful to anyone who shops at Aquatic and Pet Warehouse!

Our loyalty Reward Card is growing in popularity.

Once you have completed the customer application form, we offer a penny back for every pound spent. Over 9000 customers have taken advantage of this. Points can be redeemed in store at any time on all your purchases.

If you recommend a friend, and you're named on their application form, you will automatically receive a reward of 250 points!

Look out for the triple point weekends that are advertised in the local press, it's an excellent time to stock up on all your pets needs and enjoy the extra points.

Start collecting your Savings Stamps with our Savings Card Scheme.

Stamps cost £1.00 each and are available in store.

Collect your stamps and complete your Savings Card. If you complete your Savings Card and redeem the £50.00 in December, you will qualify for 250 bonus points on your Reward Card.

We are now offering a Over 60's Privilege Discount card for any customer over 60 years of age!

This card entitles you to a 10% discount every Wednesday.

To be entitled to this exclusive card you must be over 60 years of age.

So head over to Aquatic and Pet Warehouse today and pick some cards up for yourself!

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

What does your choice of dog say about you!?!

Apparently the breed of dog you choose for a pet speaks volumes about what kind of owner you are, so here at the Aquatic and Pet Warehouse we decided to take a closer look at what your choice of dog says about you!?!

· A beagle is constantly questioning, therefore if you own one of these dogs you are described as a stubborn yet inquisitive person who is loyal to friends but tough on enemies!?!

· A cocker spaniel is gentle and playful with a lovely nature, and owners of this breed are usually family orientated and very nurturing.

· If you own a golden retriever then you may well be a social butterfly who prefers to be in company rather than alone.

· Own a Chihuahua and you will be seen as a mischief maker who takes after their high energy and high maintenance canine!?!

· If you appreciate art and culture – then you must own a poodle, as these owners are very detail orientated and cultured!?!

Whatever breed of dog you favour, we are sure to have something to suit them at the
Aquatic and Pet Warehouse. We stock everything from specialist food to grooming products so why not check out our website at whether shopping in store or online, we’ll always be pleased to see you!?!

Goldfish live up to their name as the true kings of the aquarium!?!

Goldfish are often overlooked and underrated when choosing livestock for an aquarium, yet it has been estimated that a third of all fish sales in the UK are actually goldfish!! These beautiful and hardy fish are a real joy to keep, so in honour of our favourite fish we have compiled a few interesting titbits about the humble goldfish – enjoy!!

· The original wild goldfish were kept by the ancient Chinese over 1600 years ago and actually had very little colour. The fish were selectively bred until the bright and clear colour that we know in today’s goldfish became apparent.

· The more unusual types of goldfish were developed about 500 years ago by the Japanese, and even though there are now many different colours and varieties of goldfish available they are all derived from one species – carassius auratus.

· The average goldfish will live up to the grand old age of 20 if they are looked after correctly.

· The optimum water temperature for goldfish is ideally between 15°C and 20°C, although they can actually tolerate temperatures from just above freezing to 30°C!!!

· The world’s oldest goldfish lived for a very impressive 49 years and has been recognised by the Guinness Book of Records.

· Goldfish can’t actually close their eyes so they sleep at the bottom of the tank with their eyes open!!!

· Goldfish like any other fish cannot urinate, but as any goldfish owner will tell you – they more than compensate with poop!?!

· Goldfish are able to see ultra violet and infra red light meaning they have a greater spectrum of visual colours than us humans!!!

Hopefully we have managed to convince you that the humble goldfish really is the king of the aquarium!?! Here at the
Aquatic and Pet Warehouse we stock a huge range of aquatic supplies and accessories – and remember we’re only an e-mail or phone call away if you need any advice!!!

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Win limited edition pink tubs of Horslyx!?!

Did you know that Horslyx is currently giving away ten limited edition pink Horslyx tubs every month to celebrate their tenth birthday???

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is fill out the simple form on the Horslyx website – it really is that simple?!?!

For full competition details take a look on the Horslyx website at, and for full details of the complete Horslyx range why not take a look at our website at

Give your horse a new lease of life with Horslyx!?!

With winter now well and truly arrived its more important than ever to keep your horse safe and happy to see him through the gloomy months ahead. Making sure he has a healthy and nutritious diet will not only help to keep him in tip top condition but it will help keep his immune system strong to ward off all those nasty winter germs!!

In the wild, horses have free access to grass, herbs and shrubs and will spend between 16 and 18 hours each day just grazing on a continuous supply of nutrients. Today’s domesticated horses and ponies are kept in far different conditions as few of us are lucky enough to own hundreds of acres of grazing land!!!

Horslyx offers owners a unique way to supplement grazing in a palatable lick form for more natural ‘trickle feeding’. Each lick is packed with all the essential vitamins and minerals your horse will need to help support a healthy immune system, keep hooves strong and care for both skin and coat. Horslyx can also help to reduce boredom for your horse when he is stabled during those darker winter months.

Why not take a look at our
website at and help keep your horse happy and healthy with Horslyx this winter!!!

Roll up; roll up for the cheapest batteries around!?!

Nowadays it seems that just about everything you buy needs at least one sort of battery and they can end up costing you a small fortune if you don’t know where to look!!!

Here at the Aquatic and Pet Warehouse we now stock a fantastic range of Energizer Ultra batteries, and as an added bonus all batteries are currently on offer at ‘buy one get one free’ so there really has never been a better time to stock up!?!

Energizer Ultra is a premium range of batteries that will deliver dependable and powerful performance. They will provide long lasting power to all your everyday devices and are perfect for everything from toys to flashlights, so you can enjoy the savings safe in the knowledge you haven’t compromised on quality!?!

Why not take a look at our
website at to take advantage of the savings on our range of batteries and many more great products?!?

Opticat - the number one choice for both cats and owners!?!

Good news for all you cat lovers out there – Opticat is still our official number one best seller!!! Each pouch costs a mere whisker at only £0.12 pence each – beating the price from other retailers such as Wilkinson’s hands down!?!

Did you know that
Opticat has been recommended by Good Housekeeping magazine after receiving a very positive review on the quality and nutrition of the cat food by Trading Standards? Opticat has been specifically designed to provide your cat with optimum nutrition to help maintain a healthy weight and even reduce hairballs.

That means you can save a few pennies without compromising the food you offer your cat, and even the pickiest of felines are sure to be tempted by the varieties available?!?!

Why not give
Opticat a try – check out the full range at and try tickling your cat’s taste buds today!?!?

The fish are the stars!?!

Breaking news – we have now added our stock list of tropical fish to our website, meaning you can now see the fantastic varieties we stock at a click of a mouse!!!

Everything from Swordtails to Rummy Nose Tetra’s are part of our standard stock list, and because they are available from the
Aquatic and Pet Warehouse – the prices are fantastic too!!!

Obviously the fish are not available to buy over the internet as posting live fish would prove somewhat tricky and cost a small fortune!?! Our
website offers a great way of checking what tropical fish are available though so why not have a look for yourself at and liven up your aquarium for the New Year!?!

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Ring in the changes for 2009!?!

At the start of any new year, our thoughts often turn to diet and exercise in a bid to purge ourselves of all the festive food and drink. Pets also suffer from overeating and lack of exercise, but there are more things to consider when it comes to being a good pet owner. So here are our top tips for achieving a healthier lifestyle for your favourite furry friend!?!

1. Regular exercise is not only a great health booster, but it also provides us with valuable time to bond with our pets. A simple daily walk will help a dog learn proper manners and will work wonders for any unfit owner at the same time!!!

2. A trip to the vet shouldn’t just be saved for when your pet is unwell. A regular health check up will nip any problems in the bud, and having this information for comparison will be invaluable to the vet if any problem should arise in the future.

3. Like humans, any pet who eats a poor quality diet will suffer from a multitude of problems such as poor skin, hair loss and obesity. Always feed your pet a healthy and nutritious diet that has been specifically formulated for the breed – a diet rich in table scraps is not a healthy one and should be avoided.

4. No one wants to be around a stinky pet, so regular grooming is essential!!! Bathing, toe nail clipping, brushing out the coat and parasite control will not only make your pet more pleasing to be around, it is much healthier for them too!!!

5. Proper maintenance is important for all pets as creating a clean environment will help to keep them healthy. Doing the more unpleasant tasks such as cage cleaning, litter box scooping and fish tank cleaning will help to reduce the risk of skin infections and diseases.

Hopefully some of these tips will prove useful for 2009 and will save you a fortune in vets bills at least!?! Here at the
Aquatic and Pet Warehouse we’re only an e-mail or phone call away if you need any advice – and remember we’re online too if you need any supplies!!!

New Year's resolutions for your dog!?!

With 2009 now upon us, our sins of last year have been well and truly resigned to history!?! With the chance for a fresh start that each New Year brings, here at the Aquatic and Pet Warehouse we decided to take a light hearted look at the resolutions your dog would make if he had the chance!?!

1. I will try to remember the dustmen are not stealing our stuff!!

2. I will not deliberately roll my toys under the fridge!!

3. I will always try to remember to shake the water out of my fur BEFORE I enter the house!!

4. I will not lick my owners face after I have cleaned my back side!!

5. I will not stand bolt upright when I am lying under the coffee table!!

6. I will not chew my owner’s toothbrush and then not tell them!!

7. I will try to remember that cats are from Venus and dogs are from Mars!!

8. I will not play tug of war with my owner’s underwear while they are using the toilet!!

9. I will resist the urge to bark every time I hear a doorbell ring on TV!!

10. I will not steal the cat’s dinner and I will only eat cat food if I am invited by the cat!!

Why not take a look at our
website at and indulge your furry friend with some safe and tasty treats to welcome in the New Year!?!